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In memory of
George Charles Miller
May 08, 1938 – March 30, 2020 - 81 years old
It is with great sadness that we announce that George Charles Miller passed away on March 30, 2020 in New Carlisle just shy of his 82nd birthday.

Dementia eventually overpowered his innate zest for life, but he fought it with all he had, living independently, on the Gaspe coast that he loved, pretty much to the end. We all hoped that we had more time; but what we do have are countless memories of Grampa Miller's love, caring and compassion to help us get through.

George was predeceased by his father Ralph and his mother Evelyn Bates, and he leaves behind his beloved children: Bey, Virginia, Jeremy and Peter; his grandchildren Jackson and Charlotte; his great grandchild Katrina Syvret; and many dear friends both in his adopted home in the Gaspe and in Toronto where he was born.

Celebrations of George's life are deferred until Covid-19 pandemic measures are relaxed and travel and meeting in groups can resume.
Message from Denise Dallain, New Carlisle April 12, 2020

my most sincere sympathies to the Family of Mr Miller

Message from Rita H. Maldemay April 07, 2020

My sincère condolence to the family of Mr. Miller.

Message from Will and Cindy Verhulst April 05, 2020

We’ll miss that resonant voice, the long conversations, your love of the landscape and the deep well of your words.
“... I’m sure there’s no end to the beauty of things ...” Thanks, George, for your words and for your friendship.
Will and Cindy Verhulst

Message from Mike Fortin April 04, 2020

I knew George in the 90's when he lived in Guelph and Fergus, and had a chance to visit him in the Gaspe with my kids a few years after he moved there. As I recall, at that time he was fixing a failing foundation in his old and well loved house.

I fondly remember informal poetry readings around a fire in the backyard and animated conversations about anarchy vs socialism vs the status quo. Over the years I was fortunate to find most of his published work and still bring these books to gatherings of friends to read poetry. I will miss him.

Message from Alice Hayes April 03, 2020

George was an original man who brought his love of life to our family. We will miss him.

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